The Numb Bum Syndrome (Poem)

My World Is Next For Us (Star Trek Poem)

Escape on the Dale (A Prequel to "Assault on the Wayne" (1971))

The Sands of Gol (Star Trek Poem)

The Penitent (A Sequel to "Wagon Train - The Estaban Zamora Story" (1959))

The Final Plain (Star Trek Poem)

The Shylock Incident (Star Trek)

The Paradoxes of Time (Star Trek Poem) (First Prize Winner, SOL III Convention, Leicester, 1989)

Lefranc's Ordeal (A Sequel to "Deathwatch") (First Prize Winner, The Leonard Nimoy Convention, 1985)

Dawnwind (Star Trek Poem)

Nexus Exodus (Star Trek)

Assimilation (Star Trek Poem)

Mission of Vengeance (A Sequel to "Laramie - The Runt" (1962)) (First Prize Winner, The Leonard Nimoy Convention, 1986)

The Probe (Star Trek Poem)

Nemesis (A Mission: Impossible Story)

Whalemeld (Star Trek Poem) (Second Prize Winner, Midcon, Leicester, 1989)

Ragemme (Star Trek light comedy)

The Last Farewell (Star Trek)


Some items in this zine are recommended PG-13.